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Went to a large arcade in the suburbs yesterday to find a # of Konami arcade titles I’ve never seen before

Random recent acquisitions

Random recent acquisitions

The original arcade DARIUS BURST ANOTHER CHRONICLE EX has come to my home. Grabbed the 2 original monitors it runs on to make a home setup for it in the coming days. The right monitor is reversed as the original cabinet uses a mirror to get rid of the middle borders between the 2 monitors so a video reverser is required.

Some new reading material

With the crazy run on 16 bit console games by collectors, I decided to pick up some small gaps in my SFC collection.

Come across some colorful CAPCOM pillows that I had to bring home. This will undoubtedly attract women.

Acquired a new gaming keyboard/mouse stand for my living room setup. Fits my controller, Moshi Moshi phone, iPad and SHIELD.

Acquired 2 superior SNES platform titles awhile back but just had the chance to look over them. BATTLETOADS/DOUBLE DRAGON and WEAPONLORD, both would’ve been better served in the arcade but are still good enough at home.